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ユーザー Nev'yn の写真

Passing of Tai'lahr




It is not the endings that will haunt you,
but the space where they should lie,
those that simply faded,

without one final wave goodbye.
-Erin Hanson


On this night, I find myself having to craft a very sad announcement. And yet because of whom it is for, it is one I suspect that she would have wanted worded as a celebration of life and transcendence. For those that are unaware, on last Wednesday, the 16th of October of this year, our esteemed companion Tai’lahr passed beyond the veil of this mortal coil to begin her explorations in whatever lies beyond.

I don’t know if my poor words can do justice to the mixed feelings so many of my fellow explorers are likely experiencing throughout the various incarnations of Myst and Uru within the multiverse. That being the case, I will do my utmost to capture and reflect on her various contributions to those of us here at the Guild of Messengers as an example highlighting her dedicated years of service to others and the community at large. Read more

ユーザー Doobes の写真

All Guilds Meeting - September 2016

This month's All Guilds Meeting was rather short due to many explorers still being "Obducted".  Even so, there was still a few pieces of business to go over.  As always, the raw and cleansed chatlogs are ready to read for those that missed the meeting.

Here's what happened:

Summer Stories

Zeke365 was the only speaker this month.  He mentioned that Susa'n has stepped down as the alternate reader for Summer Stories, a gathering every Thursday at 17:00 KI time where various Myst and URU-related fan fiction is read aloud over voice chat.  He's looking for a replacement reader, and those interested should contact him.  If one is not selected, then the event will be scaled back and be held every other Thursday as opposed to every Thursday.

Obduction Read more

ユーザー Doobes の写真

Obduction Is Here!

Cyan, Inc., after setting a June release, then delaying until July before finally choosing August 24th, has finally released their spiritual successor to Myst: Obduction!

The game was financed by fans via Kickstarter three years ago and Cyan has been developing the game ever since.

Backers will be receiving an e-mail with a code they can redeem to get the game.  Non-backers can purchase the game via Steam,, Humble Bundle, and the Obduction site itself.

Congratulations to everyone at Cyan!

ユーザー Karel の写真

Music from the Ages

Karel will once again be playing 'Music from the Ages' on Sunday August 28th 2016 at 13:00 KI time in DRC(1059) Hood (which will be bumped in the Nexus), so be sure to stop in!
Karel will be playing a selection of tracks from all the Music from the Ages shows so far, with a few tracks from Unreal Tournament 2004 game as pre-event. The music stream can be found at this link on the day of the event.

This continues in the spirit of the nice sessions started by the very-missed Patricio.

Karel hopes to see you there, but if you can't make it, you can always just listen to the music stream. cool

D'ni Location: 
DRC(1059) Hood
Date of the event: 
8月 28, 2016 - 13:00
Submitted by: